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I Spent HOW MUCH On UberEats This Month!? (And We Are Only 20 Days Into This Month)

Photo by Mak on Unsplash

Oh how the times have changed… I’m sure we can all agree that we do many things simply out of convenience – despite the cost. Especially ordering delivery. In the past year and a half, since I moved away from my family, I have been spending a wild amount on delivery. I used to be a DoorDash chick, but as of lately, I have been loving UberEats. It doesn’t help that I’m signed up for the EatsPass, in which I am eligible for free delivery and a small discount, on orders over $15.

I made a habit out of ordering daily, sometimes twice, and even 3 times on occasion. Sure, I knew I was spending a bunch of money, (this covers both me and my fiance) but I made a viscous poor habit of feeling the absolute need to order everyday. Even when we go grocery shopping and stock up on the necessities to cook at home, I still found myself ordering for delivery.

Lets be real – when I order delivery, I don’t have to cook, I don’t even have to leave my apartment. I simply just hop on my phone, order quickly, and before I know it, I have my next meal. I’m sure anyone who orders through any delivery service has noticed the additional fees that are pinned on by the delivery company, along with the inflated prices of the food items. Some of these items are two or three dollars more than what you would pay in store! Lets also not forget that you have to factor the cost of the tip as well, based on distance and circumstances. Due to COVID, I have found myself tipping more. These delivery drivers are considered essential workers after all.

I made the decision to track my spending on UberEats for this month. I simply bought myself a nice little paper calendar from Dollar Tree, I logged into my bank account, and I started tracking. You’ll be surprised to hear how much I calculated. (I was shocked, too!)

Now, full disclosure, I did not calculate ALL of my meal expenses, just UberEats. I also did not consider any charges to my credit card, but I believe I may have used it about 3 times for purchases this month. So, here we go…

The whopping number I have spent on UberEats this month (well, the first 20 days of the month), is…

$545.51! Based on this number alone, I can conclude that I have spent somewhere around $700 on food, in total, so far in the month of August.

For me, ignorance is bliss, and it is much easier to just order away without actually calculating how much I am spending. However, I have made the decision to be more conscious regarding my finances, along with my dietary habits. Not only am I spending a crazy amount of delivery, the food I’m ordering is not the healthiest. I eat these large meals, and feel like crap soon after. I am sick of it, and I am ready to make the change!

So that brings me to my question for you readers, do you track how much you spend on delivery? How much have to spent this month so far? I would love to hear what you guys have to say!!

*I will be generating a list of ways to escape the routine of ordering delivery, stay tuned.* 🙂

Published by Jenna Stallone

28 years old, born and raised in New York. On a mission to achieve internal happiness and fulfillment.

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