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Jenna Stallone

Hello readers! For as long as I can remember, I always had an issue with making a routine and sticking to it. In addition to that, the only things that I actually do “stick to” are my bad habits. These bad habits, being practiced over time, have negatively impacted the quality of my life. I have brought myself to the point of mental and physical exhaustion. Unfortunately, one of my current and long-lasting bad habits is making excuses for myself. Whether I chose to procrastinate or just straight up not do what needs to be done, I have an excuse set up, tailored to each individual circumstance. I am acknowledging how this is affecting me and I am ready to make the change. I am just two years shy of the big 30, and my goal is to completely transform my life in that time. I hope to make changes in the financial, social, spiritual, developmental, and health sectors of my life. It would be incredible if I had the opportunity to help others along on my journey, which is a huge reason as to why I am choosing to start up this blog. That, and to create self-accountability for myself.

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